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We need to be objective!

We better not underestimate the vast amount of things to be done during the building process of a newly born nation. And these things cannot be expected to be easy either. If you consider the difficulties and troubles in creating a new business and setting up a new home, you can have a clearer image of how difficult and long-lasting it will be to set up a new country, a new nation. Thus, we have to be objective as much as we have to be hardworking! We have to fight against difficulties together with the challenges that may arise! From the top to the bottom, everyone, we all have to work very hard and very smart.

Things to be done are as follows:

  • Establishment of Government,
  • Formation of Parliament,
  • Assignment of Ministries,
  • Planning of external relations and carry into effect,
  • Appointment of Embassies, Consulates, and Local Representative offices,
  • Planning and dealing with the necessary programs for the establishment of relations with other states and carry into effect,
  • Structuring the economic system and carry into effect,
  • Structuring civic affairs and carry into effect,
  • Structuring the health care system and carry into effect,
  • Structuring the education system and carry into effect,

This list can be extended! Then the following question comes to mind: What can I do? As a look of, in fact, it seems like what we can do is limited. However, it is not difficult to overcome these limits when being disposed of. When we become a unity (which One Humanity, One Unity is the motto of our nation), the things we ‘cannot’ do are very limited.

When I considered it objectively, I thought why I should be a candidate, and I volunteered to reach out to the point of arrival of this difficult race with the support of One Humanity, One Unity, and that is you Asgardia Citizens! Your support is VERY, VERY IMPORTANT for me and for all other candidates! We Will Together, Reach the Better!

Why am I a candidate?

First, I believe in Asgardia! Therefore, when I heard about Asgardia’s establishment, my first job was to do some research about it! I should have taken part in this formation that I approached with suspicion at first, but I understood the seriousness of this formation with the research that I did afterward. For this reason, I am one of the first registrants with my family, and I have worked to make sure that many people from around my environment take part in it, and I think I was successful.

Second, as part of this belief, I was willing to serve all the Asgardia Citizens who believed with me. I have always liked to serve people. What was so nice to be served, though, seems to be more attractive to serve. Yes, I like to serve, and in some way, I have to take on responsibility. Therefore, I first throw my hat into the ring as a Debutant for this ‘service race’. Before that, I tried to contribute to Asgardia by making translations. I translated some pages on the website and shared them on the Facebook page. Then I began to share the English posts on the Asgardia.Space Forum pages and official Facebook pages, onto Asgardia Türkiye and Asgardia Türkiye (Resmi Grup) pages, by translating those posts. One day, when I was on those pages, I saw that there was a voluntary recruitment, and I applied. To the Asgardia Citizens which I already serve voluntarily, I would now be served as “official volunteer”. After I had some interviews, I was accepted, finished training and was assigned to NCM. I would like to thank everyone who contributed.

Third, I have had many years of experiences in Turkish Air Forces as an NCO and private companies as a mid-level and top executive. With the experiences I gained in my past, I am very enthusiastic to share those experiences with my newly born Nation.

One of the things I like most at these times is to provide opportunities to my colleagues I had worked with to be involved in the development and improvement at every stage of the work, regardless of position, age, and experience. Because I believe that; every idea, suggestion, and criticism is very valuable and important.

Empathy, in the formation and establishment of human relations, is one of the most valuable tools mankind have. Therefore, I don’t treat people the way I don’t want to be treated. So I will follow the same way, during my work in the Parliament, serving the people of Asgardia, too.

What Will I Do When I have been elected?

As I will share all my experience which comes from my past, I will also like to get others experiences who are willing to share to improve the Nation. As the proverb says: one hand washes the other and together they wash the face. So please let’s be ONE and create a wonderful future for a wonderful Nation!

When I was elected, things what I am planning to do are as follows:

Before anything else;

  • I will be completely transparent and honest.
  • I will be open to every single Asgardia Citizens.
  • As a person who always advocates equality, and whatever the position I am in, I will be one of you.
  • I will work wholeheartedly in order to represent all Asgardia Citizens; to work with the power, to transform economic and cultural differences into a profıt regardless of world nationality, language, race, faith and cultural differences.
  • I will definitely consider your suggestions, ideas, and criticisms. Because “every idea, every suggestion, every criticism is valuable and important” for me.

What are the things I plan to do?

  • Education: The future of a society lies in its roots! Therefore, we need stronger roots for a solid future. Education, surely, must be the highest priority. I will work with all the power to ensure that everyone is able to receive an equal and free education. The education system was applied in the world has been proven that it is no longer effective and efficient at all; instead of the false, imperative, prescriptive learning, racing based training system, there must be;
    • Planned,
    • Educators are primarily trained,
    • Determined according to the skills and abilities of the person.

education system.

  • In order to be able to do these in the field of education, you and many of us are a lot to do. Every single of educators will be very, very much needed. GET PREPARED!
  • Health and Social Assurance: Every human being has certain concerns from birth to death. One of the most important of these is Health and Social Security.
    • How do I cover my family’s health expenses, if I lose my job??
    • What does my son/daughter do if I die?
    • Will I be able to be retired?
    • How much do I have to make concessions not to lose my social security and, hence, my job?

We must work hard together to present effective ways to be applied; resolve all possible problems at the very beginning, and to do all the necessary work and legislation to provide protection of health and social assurance of the state, for every newborn baby at least until the age of 18 not to be facing a number of similar questions stated as above.

“Let’s not forget, non-healthy societies are doomed to disappear!”

  • One of the other important social issues is the disabled citizens! It is, unfortunately, mostly very difficult to make them be heard. I, with your valuable support, want to be the voice of our disabled citizens.
  • Economy: The stronger a nation’s economy, the stronger the society. The strength of the economy can be possible with the citizens who love their nation and, a good governance. I would like to encourage you to TAX, which is already arranged on a voluntary basis. If every single of us make a $ 10 donations, with a simple calculation, we will have more than 1 million dollars in tax revenue. In order to keep our nation strong, let’s pay our taxes as “VOLUNTEERED”. I, personally, promise to do so. When I do, I will share it with you on my personal site.

If you would like to support me, please visit “My Candidate Profile Page” on the link below and use “VOTE”. “We will all get together better!” Rely on you, waiting for your support.

Seref Kaplan – Parliamentary Candidate for 3rd District (Turkish)

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