Educational Background

Throughout my education life, I have tried to improve myself as much as possible. From my primary school years, I started to learn English with FONO books and developed with curiosity. I did not have any academic or special education.

Later on, I developed a great interest in the computer and I have myself improved in the field of hardware. My curiosity on the computer gradually concentrated me on websites and I began to do web design as an amateur.

Primary School 1972 – 1978
Secondary School 1978 – 1981
High School 1981 – 1984
Military School 1985 – 1986
On Job Training (OJT) 1986 – 1989
What is On Job Training (OJT)?

During this training, which is the continuation of the theoretical education in the military school, we are trained both theoretically and practically in the following subjects:

–      Strategy,

–      Planning,

–     Emergency intervention,

–      Meteorology,

–      Communication techniques

–      Management and administration techniques and

–      First aid

After the training is completed, you will be given a certificate which indicates that you can be an instructor in your field.

–       700,308 SEATSlite Back Office – Computer
–       700-108 SEATSlite Check-in & Boarding – Computer
–       600-308 BAS Baggage Supervisor – Computer
–        FIDS (Flight Information Display System) – Computer
–       Total Quality Management System – Quality Management System
–       TS ISO 9000 Quality Guarantee System – Quality Management System
–        TS ISO 19011 Quality and Environment Auditor – Quality Management System
–        TS ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management System
–        Risk Management – Quality Management System
–        SIEMENS – SIMKO Hicom 300E Operator Console Training – Central – Computer
–       Active Communication Technique – Human Relations and Management
–       Firstly Human – Human Relations and Management
–       OJT (On Job Training) – Management

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