Cookies & Privacy Agreement

  1. will use all reasonable effort to protect all private information of its users.
  2. With this agreement, the user is warned that he or she is not obliged to publish, share and keep personal information in private or public correspondence made through the site. It is the user’s responsibility to protect such personal information. is not responsible for any damages that users may see because of the sharing of this information on the site and/or the provision of the site in any way, or as a result of being used by other users in a way that is unlawful on the site.
  3. uses the so-called ‘cookie’ technology to keep track of the ongoing activities of the site. Cookies are very small files created by other web browsers that the user has access to, and if the user has access to another page that has linked to his site, he knows and accepts that access will be stored in a cookie. Apparent cookies do not contain the user’s personal information, only serve to maintain the affiliate program. If the user acknowledges the warning, the cookies are deleted after the confirmation. If there is no record, the cookies will be deleted after 30 days as a rule. If the user turns off the browser on cookies, it may not be able to fully utilize the in-house information and services.
  4. Users’ email addresses and other personal information can be used to make usage more efficient, to connect users (such as adding new text, etc.) to related activities and processes. Users may share their personal information with the representatives and service providers they support, such as customer relationships and satisfaction, in order to increase the effectiveness of their use. It warns these organizations not to use this information for other purposes.
  5. Users’ personal information (age, gender, postcode, phone number) is never requested.
  6. Protection of confidentiality and given information is the most important priority of and undertakes to comply with the legal regulations regarding the protection of personal data. The user is obliged to disclose the e-mail information of the users to the authorities if is obliged to make an explanation to the official authorities in accordance with the legal regulations and if this information is requested by the official authorities and in this way and to claim no compensation whatsoever under any name. The user declares and undertakes not to interfere with all the judicial and administrative authorities and authorities to cause any problems to other users and
  7. has the right to impose user rights for all these damages if it is found to be harmful and/or if it is obliged to pay a sum to the third person, without prejudice to any legal right against the user who violates the provisions of this confidentiality agreement.
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