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As far as personal information is concerned, including election programs, it is also a platform where you can find short and useful information about Asgardia.

Rules On Self-Nominations And Counting The Votes

Rules on self-nominations and counting the votes All Asgardians have the rights to nominate themselves. Self-nominations will stop at midnight Paris time on 26 February 2018 Those who have nominated themselves cannot make changes to their profiles or platforms after this time During the profile check, any inaccuracies (incorrect first […]

Asgardia National Anthem, Flag & Coat of Arms

Asgardia National Anthem Lyrics of Anthem Pale blue spot hanging in the sky, Homeworld, door to the future, Where all the nations finally are one, Unifying all humanity: Asgardia.   Leave the old problems all behind, Moving on for the better. Living in peace and mutual tolerance, Trying to improve […]

What is Asgardia?

Asgardia is the first Space Nation in history to be announced on 12 October 2016 at a conference held in Paris by Dr. Ashurbeyli, who is the Head of the Nation currently. Even though there have been several changes from that day to present, it has reached its main goals […]

My Translation Jobs

Some of the translations I made are listed below. Apart from those, you can find many translations (some teamwork) on Asgardia.Space page (Facebook and Forum). Apparently, it would be very difficult to put all of the work I did here. That’s why I put a few examples. English Job Type […]

Work History

After graduation from high school in 1984 I worked different jobs and in 1985 I entered both the college and the military school examinations. Although I succeed both examinations, I chose Military School which is my childhood dream. I trained in the field of Air Traffic Control during my military […]

Event Calendar

Dear Asgardia Citizens, I am planning to organize some events for the Asgardia Turkish community to get closer each other, to support each other and to share each other about Asgardia. I plan to implement the first one in Istanbul. As work in this area matures and the required permissions are […]