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Seref Kaplan - Parliament Candidate for the 3rd District (Turkey-Turkish)
Seref Kaplan – Parliamentary Candidate for the 3rd District (Turkish Language District)

Although it seems like a personal website, the main goal of the website is to express and present my self to all Asgardia Citizens who will go through an election. Who am I and what I am planning to improve our country, the Space Nation, with my efforts with the support of Asgardia Citizens?

First of all, starting with the process of joining Asgardia, I want to give a brief information about myself. How and why I have joined Asgardia?

When I first heard about Asgardia, my first job was to do some research about it! I should have taken part in this formation, that I approached at first with suspicion, but with the research, I did afterward, I understood its seriousness. Therefore, I am one of the first registrants with my family, and I have worked a lot to provide many people from my environment take part in this new formation, and I think I was successful.

Later on, I have translated some of the pages of Asgardia.Space page and some of the Facebook pages (Asgardia Türkiye and Asgardia Türkiye (Resmi Grup)) into Turkish voluntarily. Later, I learned that volunteers are needed, and then I applied to be a volunteer. I started studying as a CIVIC.ASGARDIA volunteer after a series of interviews and evaluations. I was assigned as National Community Manager (NCM) after the training was finished.

In the meantime, I put my candidacy for Debutant, which is also called Local Leadership. By taking this candidacy one step further, I am now in the Asgardia Parliament Candidacy for the 3rd District (Turkish), which will be represented by 16 seats.

My only goal is; to be able to work with you to make our future even brighter, safer, transparent and peaceful!

That’s why I set this page up. My only aim is; to be able to reach you, the valuable Asgardia Citizens, faster and to find out your wishes, suggestions, and criticisms from the first hand. Therefore, I am preparing my election program and I will reach you on this page very soon.

I also want to give you a little information about my Logo. The logo was designed by my brother Ismail Kaplan. 3 stars on the top represent the 3rd region, hence Turkey. The navy blue on the top and the brown at the bottom represent the colors of Asgardia. The white crescent shape in the middle symbolizes the image of the horizon seen from space. I would like to thank my brother, who is also an Asgardian, for reflecting the Asgardia spirit.

Thank you for having time,

Seref Kaplan

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