My Platform

1. Introduction.

a. Name Seref Kaplan

b. Location of Residence: Antalya/Turkey

c. Member of Parliament for the 3rd Language District

d. Why I Joined Asgardia?


First of all, I believe in Asgardia! Therefore, when I heard the very first establishment of Asgardia, my first job was to do some research about it! I should have taken part in this formation that I approached with suspicion at first, but I understood the seriousness of this formation with the research that I did afterwards. For this reason, I am one of the first registrants with my family, and I have worked to make sure that many people from around my environment take part in it, and I think I was successful.


Secondly, as part of this belief, I was willing to serve all Asgardia Citizens who believed with me. I have always liked to serve people. What was so nice to be served, though, seems to be more attractive to serve. Yes, I like to serve, and in some way, I have to take on responsibility. Therefore, I first throw my hat into the ring as a Debutant for this ‘service race’ and now as a Parliamentary Candidate.


2. My Objective.

·      I will be completely transparent and honest for every single of Asgardia Citizens.

·      I will be open to every single of Asgardia Citizens.

·      As a person who always advocates equality, whatever the position I am in, I will be one of you.

·      I will try to work heartily in order to represent all Asgardia Citizens; to buckle down, to transform economic and cultural differences into a profit regardless of nationality, language, race, faith and cultural differences.

·      I will definitely consider your suggestions, ideas and criticisms. Because "every idea, every suggestion, every criticism is valuable" and “Every idea, every suggestion, every criticism is important.” 

3. What I Can Do For You.

1.    HEALTH AND SOCIAL ASSURANCE: Every human being has certain concerns from birth to death. One of the most important of these is Health and Social Security.

a.    How do I cover my family's health expenses if I lose my job??

b.    How do I cover my teeth dental implants?

c.    What does my son/daughter do if I die?

d.    Will I be able to retire?

e.    How much do I have to make concessions not to lose my social security and, hence, my job?


We must work, and I will work, hard to resolve all these problems at the very beginning and to do all the necessary work and legislation to provide protection of health and social assurance of the state for every newborn baby at least until the age of 18, not to facing a number of similar questions stated as above. Another topic we should deal with is the diagnosis and health tracking system. Today's technology provides different applications for IOS and Android system for tracking the health of people. New works on this topic are improving very fast day by day. There are technology companies working on an online application which will provide some important test system (blood test, blood pressure test, diabetic measurement etc.) through mobile phones and/or types of equipment. We, as Asgardia, can develop an application to provide some health control system for our citizens and these applications may free for Asgardians and may charge for the others to make some revenue for Asgardia. There are too many samples on the internet about those applications and we may use to improve some of them or we can be programmed a new one.


“Let's not forget, non-healthy societies are doomed to disappear!”


2.    One of the other important social issues is the DISABLED CITIZENS! It is, unfortunately, mostly very difficult to make them be heard. I, with your valuable support, want to be the voice of our disabled citizens.

3.    ANOTHER ISSUE IS VIOLENCE! In the family, social environment, school, on the street! Violence is everywhere… I believe that all individuals should be trained first, instead of dissuasive punishment for these matters. Therefore, I believe that no matter how much legal punishment is necessary, we will be able to overcome those of education through them. The responsibility of the State should cover these issues, too. Especially domestic violence is one of the biggest injuries in the whole world. In this regard, working with the esteemed Asgardians has a very important place in the fight against these problems.

4.  ECONOMY: The stronger a nation's economy, the stronger the society. The strength of the economy can be possible with the citizens who love their nation and, a good governance. I would like to encourage you to TAX, which is already arranged on a voluntary basis. If every single of us make a $ 10 donations, with a simple calculation, we will have more than 1 million dollars in tax revenue. In order to keep our nation strong, let's pay our taxes as "VOLUNTEERED". I, personally, promise to do so. When I do, I will share it with you on my personal site.


4. My Track Record.

At the very beginning, I tried to contribute to Asgardia by making translations. I translated some pages on the website and shared them on the Facebook page. Then I began to share the English publications on the Asgardia.Space Forum pages and official Facebook pages, onto Asgardia Türkiye and Asgardia Türkiye (Resmi Grup) pages, by translating those posts into Turkish. One day, when I was on those pages, I saw that there was a voluntary recruitment, and I applied. To the Asgardia Citizens which I already serve voluntarily, I would now be served as "official volunteer". After I had some interviews, I was accepted, finished training and was assigned to NCM. I would like to thank everyone who contributed.

5. Qualifications.

Work Place



Talya Hotel


1984 – 1985

Objective: To provide necessary services with appropriate service techniques, to prepare and cook dessert and food with flambé if necessary, and to ensure the control and coordination of all events and staffs within the area where are responsible.

Turkish Air Forces

NCO/Approach Control Specialist

1985 – 1993

Objective: Before starting the flights, by attending to all the necessary informative meetings (briefings) with pilots, search and rescue teams, meteorology, flight operation center and wait for the flight as per ready. To guide the pilots during the flight, to distinguish them with other aircraft and manias, and to give instructions for safe flights and landings. While coordinating all these, to contact with flight tower getting all the necessary information as meteorological information (altimetric pressure, visibility etc.) and to coordinate the latest status of flights.

Guide Tour


1993 – 1995

Objective: By giving all historical places and useful information to the tourist, we aim them to satisfy during their trip.

Celebi Ground Handling Services

Operation/Coordination Center Officer

1995 – 1996


In Operation Department: Before all planes landed, to check all the related messages and send all information of incoming passengers, luggage, and cargo to the ramp department; to make all preparations for departure (catering, fuel, cleaning, loading plan, seating plan) and prepare the aircraft for a safe and fast way for take-off; to coordinate all loading, catering, fuel, check-in counters and other ground crews, ensuring the departure of the aircraft at the scheduled departure time; to provide load and trim sheet to the pilot by calculating all checked-in passengers, luggage, and cargo, and to inform the cabin attendant about the flight as number of passengers, number of catering uploaded to the galley.

In Coordination Department: To coordinate all operation officers, ramp officers, check-in officers and forward all the request from those people to the necessary department as catering, fuel etc. Before landing, to gather all movement messages from the airlines, file them and forward the allocated operation officers. After take-off, to send all movement messages to related bodies as airline HQ, dispatchers etc.

Kackar Aviation

Station Manager

1996 – 1997

Objective: As a supervisory company (11 airliners from Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan); to give all flight information to the ground handling company, airport authority and civil aviation general management for slots and other allocations like parking position. To make necessary payments and represent those airliners in Turkey in the mean of all legal arrangements.

DTS Marine


1997 – 1998

Objective: To make contacts with the foreign customers (in writing and orally). To translate all documents (letters, user manuals etc.) into Turkish and English if necessary.

Bayindir International Terminal

Information & Communication Supervisor

1999 – 2000

Objective: To coordinate between departments; to train all staff and to keep all the monitors, display units, conveyors, information desks, announcement systems working during the shift. In addition, to allocate counters, parking lot and/or bridges, conveyors together with the official authorities. To report all the events during the shift to the shift log.

SFKa International

Company Owner

2000 – 2002

Objective: To find new customers and/or suppliers. To join the trade fairs to meet new possible customers/partners. To increase the profitability of the company.


Foreign Trade Manager

2002 – 2004

Objective: To find new customers and/or suppliers. To join the trade fairs to meet new possible customers/partners. To increase the profitability of the company.

St. Paul Cultural Center

Chief Security

2005 – 2007

Objective: To ensure the maximum security for the local Christian congregation (which consist of Turkish and Foreigners) during the gathering for praying and worshipping.

Golden Hand Medical

Foreign Trade Manager

2007 – 2009

Objective: To find new customers and/or suppliers. To join the trade fairs to meet new possible customers/partners. To increase the profitability of the company.




Objective: To ensure the best results for the customers by working hard to reflect the actual meaning and expression of the translation job.


Foreign Trade Manager

2009 – 2010

Objective: To find new customers and/or suppliers. To join the trade fairs to meet new possible customers/partners. To increase the profitability of the company.


Volunteer – NCM


Objective: To raise awareness of the community in which we are employed (Turkey) and to make them informed by sharing the information frequently for them to be informed. By checking the Facebook and forum pages, to intercept and warn unsuitable messages, and if necessary, direct them to the relevant units to ensure that the solution is reached (in accordance with CoC). To answer the messages coming from Facebook on time and to provide solutions in case of need, to consult with top managers.


6. My Platform.

Communication: Parliament will consist of 150 candidates. Perhaps the most significant issue over the first 1-2 years is how Parliament members will manage international relationships between each other and with Parliament members of Earth nations. Given this, what are your plans for improving communication amongst Parliament members, between Parliament and the Asgardian citizenry, and between Asgardia and the rest of Earth?


Because Asgardia is currently in a virtual state (because Asgardia has not had a land in the world and a platform in space), all negotiations must be done on an online system. Therefore, the Asgardia government must provide a secure, fast and, with a view to the internet infrastructure all around the world, should develop a new communication system that can provide communication at any internet speed. In this way, a healthy, fast and secure communication can be provided with both at parliamentary meetings and at individual meetings with other parliamentarians.


Communication with Asgardia citizens should be made in the same way, too, and all citizens should be able to reach parliamentarians directly. However, in order to control this situation, and provide an efficient working environment for the parliamentarians, certain dates and times should be arranged and it should be possible for parliamentarians, parliament works, and other state parliamentary members to negotiate with those except dates and hours.


Innovation: What policies will best ensure that Asgardia remains at the forefront of innovation?


Asgardia Government must provide a scholarship, laboratory, equipment, and fund to those who have a scientific background and innovative minds.


The priority of the Asgardian Parliament and Government must be speeding-up the technological development and improvement, in accordance with the philosophy of Asgardia, which is protecting Earth the threats might have come from Space.


A scientific committee must be established and an Asgardian who has a scientific background must be assigned as the Head of this Committee, as soon as possible just after the election and establishment of the government and ministries. This Committee must report directly to the Ministry of Scientific and Technological Affairs (after setting up). In addition, this Committee should organize a meeting at the first working day of every month, to evaluate the latest situation of the scientific and technological developments. In case of need and/or an emergency situation, those meetings can be organized earlier than the scheduled time/date, in need and/or demand of the Head of the Committee and/or the Ministry of Scientific and Technological Affairs.


Space: There is a political debate over Asgardia’s national approach to space exploration and use. What should Asgardia’s national goals be for space exploration and Earth observation from space, and what steps would you take to achieve them?


First of all, in accordance with the international laws (in accordance with the information given on UNOOSA, the Treaty was opened for signature by the three depository Governments (the Russian Federation, the United Kingdom and the United States of America) in January 1967, and it entered into force in October 1967), any country on Earth cannot adopt the Space. When I make a research on this issue, I found some information on the above-mentioned website as:





But until now, as stated above, there is no any consensus among the countries on this topic to use the space as their own sovereign.


So, any Earthly country and/or organization are not the OWNER of the space on their own. Of course, Asgardia has not adopted the space, too. Asgardia, too, can freely use space, as other countries/organization did until now. Before everything, Asgardia must establish a ministry in the related issue, (Ministry of Scientific and Technological Affairs is my proposal as the name of his ministry) and this ministry should establish a committee which establishes relations with the UN, the countries which have their own space program, private companies and private and/or governmental institutes for a collaboration.


In Asgardia jurisdiction, the government should support citizens to set up new technology companies in order to improve and develop related topics. Those companies should have a tax reduction, as well.


As for the observation from space. This is another very important topic should be within the authority of Ministry of Scientific and Technological Affairs. This ministry should establish some divisions after setting up the ark in the low Earth orbit, in the field of;

1. Earth observation division,

2. Traffic control division which will control incoming traffics (such as spaceships etc.) and incoming materials (such as the meteor, space junks etc.)


In addition to those, we can use satellites to observe Earth and space from the ground in the mean of;


a. Meteorological information,

b. Space junks,

c. The communication system (such as the internet, GPS, cellular phones etc.)


Scientific Integrity: Evidence from science is the surest basis for fair and just public policy, but that is predicated on the integrity of that evidence and of the scientific process used to produce it, which must be both transparent and free from political bias and pressure. How will you foster a culture of scientific transparency and accountability in government, while protecting scientists and federal agencies from political interference in their work?


As you will see in my program, the transparency is one of my promises to provide all citizens when I was elected. All scientific works and the committee will work free from government. This does not mean they would have done whatever they want to. All committee must have a plan to present the ministries which they bound. Those plans must be consisting of;


1. Budget,

2. Working plan,

3. Staff plan,

4. Equipment plan.


After those plans were inspected and approved, the committees have to work without any pressure on them from the Ministries, Parliament, Head of the Nation and Government. The head of the committee must prepare a report on a monthly time basis including all the detail of;


1. Expenses and spending in accordance with the plans,

2. What is the last position in accordance with the working plan?

3. Any need for staff in accordance with the working plan, and

4. Any need for equipment in accordance with the working and staff plans.


All the committee must consist of; a member of a citizen who would be assigned by a ministry and/or voluntarily (those who are the volunteer must be chosen by the Ministry among the citizens who have appropriate resume and/or background), a member of the related ministry, a member of parliament as an observer without interfering the works. Those members will not have any authority over this committee. They should only observe the works then prepare a report to the related ministry and parliament.


Research: Many scientific advances require long-term investment to fund research over a period of longer than the two, four, or six-year terms that govern political cycles. In the current climate of budgetary constraints, what are your science and engineering research priorities and how will you balance short-term versus long-term funding?


Our Nation is a Space Nation! So, our basic premise is technology. Everything in a space nation should be connected with technology. In this respect, the main expenditure items must be connected with improving the technological infrastructure. These improvements must be examined from two perspectives:


1.The improvements which provide amenities for the citizens on Earth to reach to the Space, until we reach the main goal of Asgardia; Communication systems and facilities between citizens (an application for mobiles and/or PC's); virtually meeting facilities for the parliamentarians and government; security system for those infrastructures; improving and securing the monetary system (Solar) infrastructure and online education system.


As soon as Parliament and Government established, Ministry of Economic Affairs must organize a meeting to determine the necessary resources in the mean of monetary system: Resources of finance and the system of collecting those resources. As everyone agrees most likely, the budget and the spending methods of this budget must be clarified. But planning a long-term budget at the first meeting will be very difficult. Hence, the initial planning period should cover a short time period for the first two years. For the first 5 years, for 6-month planning will be more realistic!


As for the priorities for science and engineering, since both have vital importance for all mankind, also have, at the same time, the vital importance for our nation. Just as science will not be able to go forward without engineering, engineering cannot go forward without science, either. Hence, while planning a budget, we must think and evaluate both together.


To determine the priorities, at first, we must define the job priorities on Earth and in space. As I have mentioned above, science and engineering must work together, to set-up the infrastructure for the communication, virtual meeting, and security for the monetary system.


2.  The second priority is space jobs. There are too many things to be handled. People need gravity, respirable air, food and water to be living on a platform in space. To be successful on those issues, we must find a way to transport people from Earth to that Ark. Therefore, the first thing to do is finding an efficient and less costly way for transportation. Meanwhile, a science and engineer team can work on inventing and developing the artificial gravity, producing respirable air, food, and water because those are vital for all humans and hard to transport from earth to the Ark.


All those works needed a huge budget to be done. At first two years, most of the budget must be allocated for the very important issues on Earth, such as communication and cyber security systems (min.40%). Minimum 40% of the budget must be allocated to research for the development of artificial gravity, respirable air etc. But, as I have mentioned above, planning a long-term budget for the first five years will be very difficult. Hence, the initial planning period should cover a short time period for the first two years. 6-month periods planning will be more realistic!


Education: How would you work to ensure that all Asgardians of any age are prepared to address 21st-century challenges and, further, that the public has an adequate level of STEM literacy (Science-Technology-Engineering-Mathematics) in an age dominated by complex science and technology?


Since Asgardia citizens spread all over the globe, it is vital to arrange a distance and free education system. The education system must contain all levels of education, from primary school to university and must be mandatory for all citizens. After ministries assigned, Ministry of Education and Ministry of Foreign Affairs must establish a relationship to get the equivalence of diplomas given by Asgardia Space Nation.


If we willing and intend to establish a strong nation, we should pay a huge attention to the education system, because the future of a society lies in its roots! Therefore, we need stronger roots for a solid future. Education, surely, must be the highest priority. I will work with all the power to ensure that everyone is able to receive an equal and free education.

The education system was applied in the world has been proven that it is no longer effective and efficient at all; instead of the false, imperative, prescriptive learning, racing based training system, there should be;

a.      Planned,

      b.     The educators are primarily trained

c.      Determined according to the talents and skills of the person.

education system.

In order to be able to do these in the field of education, you and many of us have a lot to do. Every single educator will be very, very much, needed. GET PREPARED!


Since art has a very important place in human development and evolution, another part of the education should be art: rhythmic arts which are movement-shaping arts as theater, cinema, opera, dance, and ballet (cinema must have an important place among those arts to reach people of Earth to increase awareness about Asgardia); visual arts as painting and sculpture; and audio arts as literature and music. Art education should have started at the very beginning of school and after ending the primary school and after evaluating by the professionals' (this evaluation must be appropriate with the skill and requests of children) children should direct to the school appropriate for them.


The Internet: The Internet has become an important foundation of economic, social, law enforcement, and military activity. What steps will you take to balance security with open communication?


As I have mentioned previously, the internet will be the main communication system for all Asgardia works and trades. We have to improve, at first, a secure and safe satellite system to provide a free and fast internet for all Asgardians.


We need to develop an application that can work comfortably and does not reduce battery life quickly for Android and IOS and also, for computers. The security infrastructure must be provided. And this will help all Asgardians to contact each other smoothly and comfortably without worrying about the safety.


To provide a secure internet system (including the app system), The Ministry of Scientific and Technological Affairs should create a strong staff infrastructure. Powerful and skilled staffs must work to establish the security system as quickly as possible they can do. The distribution of those employments should be as follows:


1. Software specialists,

2. Hardware specialist,

3. Designers for program interface.


How to Reach Me?


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We Will Together, Reach the Better!