Briefly Asgardia

Asgardia was announced in 2016 in a press conference held in Paris by Dr Igor Ashurbeyli, who is an Azeri originated Russian scientist and businessman. Immediately after the press conference, only in a few days, the number of applicants have reached an achievement by exceeding expectations with 100,000 application. Immediately afterwards, by organizing a competition, the national anthem, the flag, the coat of arms and the constitution preparation have started. In October of 2017, Asgardia’s the first satellite has been launched, and planning to send more satellites in the following periods to provide some opportunities to the world and especially for the Asgardians.


If we ask why Asgardia name was chosen? It is inspired by the city of Asgard in Nordic mythology. Immediately after it was established, the work of the Constitution began and preparations were made for parliamentary elections. In 2017, the Asgardia Constitution was submitted to vote and ratified by 72.5%.


Another important event, which began in 2017, is the Parliamentary elections. Asgardia consists of a total of 13 language districts and the number of parliamentarians has been determined for each district in proportion to its population. The total number of parliamentarians is 150. These language districts consist of a total of 12 most frequently spoken and preferred languages, and the 13th district devoted to languages other than these 12 languages. Political parties are not allowed in Asgardia. For this reason, all parliamentarians will be responsible for all territories.


Identity and passport distributions will begin after June 2018 (and possibly by 2019). When the official announcement is posted on this subject, I will add it to my site.


For more detailed information, please reach me by filling out the form on the contact page or other ways stated on the footer or Asgardia website.