Asgardia Citizenship

In order to be a valid citizen, what are the conditions?

Anyone over the age of 18 who agrees to Asgardia’s Constitution may apply for citizenship. They then have the right to submits their digital files to Asgardia’s first satellite, Asgardia-1.

I got my citizenship. Are my children considered citizens of Asgardia?

As per Asgardia’s Constitution, any child born to at least one citizen parent is considered a citizen of Asgardia by virtue of birth. A child born before the foundation of Asgardia may become a citizen the request of their parent(s) who are citizen(s) of Asgardia.

How does my current citizenship affect my citizenship in Asgardia?

Space citizenship of Asgardia is a special type of citizenship and does not constitute dual or multiple citizenship for the purposes of Earth nation citizenship. A citizen of an Earth nation becoming a space citizen does not confer multiple citizenship status unless otherwise stipulated by an international treaty to which Asgardia is a party.

Could you please explain passports and IDs?

We are working on creating the Parliament, creating the government, and creating the banking system and the national currency SOLAR. The ID card at this point is the card that will be a fully protected, chip-integrated card that would eventually allow you – when they are available – to receive services Asgardia will provide, and to operate within the currency system.


We will start issuing passports as booklets for traveling only when we have reached the recognition with other states as a state that they recognize Asgardia’s passport as a valid document for crossing national borders. We are very realistic, this is a long-term goal.


IDs and passports would only be received in person. We are now asking everyone, and it’s at your own discretion, to fill in your profile. This data needs to be correct. When you decide to claim your documents, you would be asked to present yourself to the ambassador of Asgardia or a consul or a national representative (this title has not been decided upon yet). Documents are taken very seriously. In the long run, it is planned to have six permanent embassies around the world, per number of continents.


One of the biggest premises of Asgardia is that there are no borders. When one looks at the Earth from space, you do not see borders - you see blue, you see green, you see yellow of the desert. You do not see borders. Borders exist on the maps and in human minds. So, it is also for that reason that only boundaries of the continents are visible from space. There will be six embassies, one per continent, in Asgardia. But we will be working to create a local representations and of course do our best to help people to sustain their interaction with us.


How do I receive an ID?

Upon joining Asgardia, one gets a certificate. Once they accept the Constitution and vote for the national symbols (the flag, the anthem and the coat of arms), they are entitled to receive an ID card, a formal document in the form of a plastic card. It will also serve as your banking card once the SOLAR, Asgardia’s currency, is rolled out.

Make sure to keep your ID number private as it provides identification of your person and allows you to receive the services Asgardia will provide. More details on how to receive an ID will be available in the future. You will have to show up in person with valid documents verifying your identity. The next step to receiving an ID will be to receive the passport of Asgardia.


Can I refuse my citizenship after I have accepted the Constitution?

Yes. Accepting the Constitution entitles you to get an ID and become a citizen once statehood is established. It does not oblige you to do so.

What is Asgardia’s religion?

Asgardia is a religion-free society. Each member of Asgardia is free to practice any religion on Earth, as long as it is peaceful and within the legislation of their country of Earthly citizenship.

I am transgender. Will I have my rights protected?

Asgardia is a society free of any prejudice, including that based on gender.

Do you have any educational programs for disabled?

So far Asgardia has not defined any specific educational programs. Once educational programs are defined, they will be available online for everybody.

What will be the official language(s) of Asgardia?

The working language of Asgardia is English. Asgardia’s official languages are 12 languages most frequently chosen by citizens of Asgardia in their profiles. Asgardia guarantees equality of the official languages, and that is why all official documents are published in those 12 languages.